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Dog Boarding

Any dog would rather be with their owner than in any boarding kennel. But a quality kennel is the safest place for your dog when you cannot take them with you. We designed our kennel to make the boarding experience as relaxing as possible for our guests, in the absence of their owners.

As dog lovers, we give our guests all the LSD (love, security, and discipline) that we give our own dogs.
Whether it's a good belly rub, playing fetch, or giving treats, we do whatever we can to keep dogs happy. At the same time, we make sure that our guests will have a a secure environment that will provide a peaceful stay. And finally, we are not pushovers that will let dogs get away with improper manners.

There is room in every run for a guests favorite toy and/or bedding if their owner wishes to bring it. While we will be happy to feed our guests the high quality Natural Balance brand Ultra Premium blend dry dog food (it is a combination chicken, duck, lamb, potato, and rice formula), it is recommended for the comfort of our guest's stomach that customers bring their dog's own food.

What Our Guests Can Expect

Our guests will have access to their outdoor runs from 7am to 9pm. At night they will be secured inside which has both fire and burglar monitored alarms. During the day they will get some time in the large, fenced exercise areas where they can stretch their legs. A clean living environment is a must. There will be somebody on site at all times to clean up any messes that may develop.

All of our guests will be taken out to one of our many grassy play areas, 4 times a day to take care of business. The first time is at 7am and the last is at 8pm. And twice in the middle of the day, our guests will have an hour or more (weather permitting) outside to do as they please. To make sure dogs are both safe and happy, if they go into daycare during their stay here, we will let them out , with other dogs who have also been to daycare, when it is their turn to enjoy some outdoor time. We like to let the dogs play with one another but if we have any concerns, the dogs will have a pen to themselves.

Guests will be fed twice a day, morning and evening. And after their last walk in the evening, all guests get a good night cookie or whatever their owners brought for them.

If your dog is taking medications, bring them along and we will make sure that they get them on schedule.

The Buildings

The kennel buildings have combination indoor/outdoor runs, with the indoor portion having heated floors for comfort. The outdoor portion has a roof line that covers half of the run so our guests can be outside enjoying the sun or under cover in the shade or out of the rain.

The walls between the kennels are 4' high solid walls so your dog will have a quieter environment that is also more secure. It is a lot like their own little den that dogs like when they just want to be alone.

And finally, we even put in a few things for us, the owners who will be spending a lot of time in the building. There will be some music for us to enjoy that will also keep our guests from hearing one another. The plumbing was designed to make keeping the facility clean a whole lot easier.

Reservations are a must. It is recommended that when you make your own travel plans (overnight or longer), and you will need a place for your 4 legged family members, make reservations for your pet. We take reservations up to a year in advance. Holidays are sometimes booked a month in advance, and summer time is almost the same.

Requirements: We require proof of vaccinations from a veterinarian for Rabies, the Distemper combination, and Bordatella for all dogs. All dogs need to be on some flea prevention program. We take all breeds, but no people aggressive dogs. We take non-altered dogs and cats, but please, no female guests in heat

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