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Our 2 dogs (Ace and Blitz) were pestering us to spend more time at home. They were tired of us leaving them at home alone everyday. After 20 years of working for the same company, we came up with a solution that lets us spend more time at home with our own dogs, and get to enjoy the company of even more K9 friends.
We have always had at least one dog around the house keeping us company. In 1994 we got a puppy that we wanted to do more with than just take her hiking once in a while. We joined Search and Rescue in Grays Harbor County and turned our puppy in to a tracking maniac. By 1995 we figured out what we doing and got a second puppy (making us a 2 person, 3 dog household) to train for search and rescue. Together, our 2 dogs have found numerous lost people and articles from Kelso to Arlington, and even over in Montana when we lived there for a couple of years. Ace and Blitz have since crossed the rainbow bridge. But we added 2 new puppies (Rookie a liver spotted Dalmatian and Probie a black Labrador Retriever) so we were back to being a 2 person, 2 dog household. And most recently we rescued Shelby, an approximately 10 year old Dalamatian.

Our affection for our dogs has taken them on many vacations with us, even our honeymoon. They have been boating too many times to count, and have even been to wineries to go wine tasting. (They get treats only because in human years they are still too young to drink legally.)

Lynn is a lifelong resident of Western Washington with the exception of a 2 year stay in Missoula Montana. She has been active in Search and Rescue since 1994 when she started training her dog. Since then she has spent many hours helping train other dog handlers on the finer points of training their own dog. Prior to opening this facility, she worked for the JCPenney Co. for over 20 years.

George is transplant, having been born and raised in New Jersey and moving to Western Washington to finish college. He has lived here for 25 years with the exception of a 2 year stay in Missoula Montana. He has also been active in Search and Rescue since 1994 but initially only to be Lynn’s team member. He has also been a volunteer firefighter/EMT for over 27 years. He is currently with Snohomish County Fire District 22 (Getchell). Prior to opening this facility, He worked for JCPenney Co. for 24 years.

Our daughter, Dawn, and her family have moved over here from the other side of the sound. She is our receptionist and runs the place when George and Lynn need a little free time. She has worked as a veterinary assistant in the Grays Harbor area in the past.

We care about the environment.

Here at the K9 Korral, we try to be as caring about the environment as possible. We have taken many measure to control pollution and reduce our carbon footprint as possible.

In 2006, before it was popular, we installed what at the time was one of the largest solar panel arrays in the county, capable of producing 30% of our annual electricity needs. On nice sunny days we are selling power back to PUD, but even on rainy days we are producing a substantial portion of our power needs.

About the same time, Snohomish County Surface Water Management came to us asking us to do a few things to help control the amount of fecal coliform running into local creeks from the pet waste we wind up with here. They were very complimentary about the measures we were already taking, but wanted us to change a few things. In doing our research on how to comply with what they wanted us to but could not tell us how to actually do it, we found a way that not only helped the environment, but help our bottom line. When we found our solution, we passed it on to Surface Water Management. With the information we provided, Surface Water Management started a whole new campaign, "Scoop it, Bag it, and toss it in the Trash.

In our new doggy daycare building, we incorporated a number of power saving ideas. We have 12 solar tube skylights, reducing the need for more light fixtures. All of our outdoor lighting is on a combination of photocells and timers. We even have a class to teach new employees how to turn off light switches when leaving a room, or the sun is providing enough light through the windows an skylights. Overall we use only about 20% of the average power consumed by comparable businesses.

Daycare Hours

Mon-Fri | 6:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday | Closed
Sunday | Closed



Boarding Kennel                                              Dogs                         

1st dog per night                                                $27.00 (effective 10/15/17)

Each additional dog in same kennel              $13.00

½ day (pickup after 1pm)                                  $13.00 per dog (effective 10/15/17)



1st cat per night                                                $14.00 (effective 10/15/17)

2nd cat in same tower                                     $7.00

½ day (pickup after 1:00 pm)                    $7.00 per cat. (effective 10/15/17)



3eposits are required for all reservations taken.  A credit card number will hold your kennel reservation.  We take Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  (NO AMERICAN EXPRESS)


Cancellation Policy:

   We require 10 days notice on all reservation cancellations.  We charge all customers who cancel less than 10 days in advance.



One day                                                            $20.00 (Effective 10/15/17)

½ Day    (up to 5 hours)                               $13.00

10 Full days prepaid                                      $200.00 plus one day free

2 dogs, same owner                                      $200.00 plus 2 days free

3 dogs, same owner                                      $200.00 plus 3 days free

10- ½ days prepaid                                      $ 130.00 plus one day free


Overnight stay and daycare combo     $15.00 plus kennel fee (effective 10/15/17)



                     Kennel                           Daycare

M-F            8:30-5:00                        6:00am – 6:00 pm

Sat             8:30-5:00                            Closed

Sun           10:00-5:00                          Closed


Tours are given:  Monday-Saturday ( no appt. necessary)

9:00am – 3:30pm


After hour drop off and pickups

       We are open 7 days a week.  THERE WILL BE NO EARLY/LATE DROP OFFS OR PICK-UPS


Vaccination Requirement:

Proof of current vaccinations must come from a veterinarian. (no, home vaccines

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella

Cats: Rabies, Feline Distemper, Feline Leukemia

(FVRCP)               (FELV)


Training Rates

$125.00 for 8 week classes


Grooming Rates:

Prices vary based on size and length of coat.  Please call for prices. Appointments during a boarding or daycare stay can be made when the dog is dropped off.

** All other grooming appointments can be made by calling Chelsia at (425) 244-9238

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