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Our Doggy Daycare has grown

Due to popular demand, we have expanded doggy daycare once again. We have moved the small dogs back to the original daycare building where they don’t even see the big dogs anymore. The small dogs are loving it and seemed even more relaxed. We have taken further steps to make sure their visit is even safer. We have stretched netting across the outdoor play area to make sure no eagles, hawks or owls get any crazy ideas about their next meal.

Back up in what is now the BIG DOG daycare building, we separate the dogs with rambunctious dogs on one side and mellow dogs on the other. And now when we have two dogs that just don’t see eye to eye, we can separate them and they can both still have fun with dogs their own size.

As much as some things are always changing, some things always stay the same. Doggy Daycare is still open 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday. There is always at least two people in with the big dogs and one person in with small dogs. All dogs must be dog and people friendly, have proof of vaccinations from a vet for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella, and be spayed or neutered if over the age of six months. With all the room we have, daycare drop ins are welcome, but we ask all first time customers to call in advance of the first visit.

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